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Short-Term Business Loans

Get a lump sum and use it for any short-term financing need.

  • Terms up to 36 months.
  • Poor credit history is accepted.
  • Pay it back in weekly or monthly installments.
  • Great for small an medium businesses.
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Business Lines of Credit

Draw funds as many times as you want, up to a credit limit.

  • Pay interest only on the amounts you borrow.
  • Pay it back whenever you can within an agreed time frame.
  • Requires a credit score of 600+.
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Inventory Financing

Get funds to finance the purchase of inventory.

  • Take advantage of supplier discounts.
  • Stock-up to prepare for busy seasons.
  • Use the inventory you buy as collateral.
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Equipment Financing & Leasing

Finance the purchase of new or used equipment or lease it.

  • Get a loan to fund up to 100% of the purchase price, or pay a monthly rent.
  • Easy application process.
  • Most businesses qualify.
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Merchant Cash Advances

Get advances on your business’ credit or debit card sales.

  • Pay back the advance daily through small installments.
  • Great for businesses with bad or no credit history.
  • Very easy to qualify.
  • No collateral required in most cases.
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Invoice Financing

Stop waiting for your customers to pay.

  • Get a quick loan up to 100% of the outstanding invoice amount.
  • Use your receivables as collateral.
  • New businesses may qualify.
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Commercial Real Estate Financing

Loans for the purchase, refinancing or renovation of commercial properties.

  • Pay back in 10 to 15 years.
  • Take advantage of current low rates and special financing such as SBA loans.

Debt Refinancing & Consolidation Loans

Loans to reorganize commercial debt.

  • Refinance one or more loans.
  • Replace your current loan for another with better terms.
  • Consolidate your current debt and get additional funds.
  • Save thousands of dollars in fees.
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Purchase Order Financing

Get the financing you need to fulfill customer orders.

  • Cover up to 100% of the cost of an order.
  • Avoid having to turn down clients.
  • Easier to qualify than regular loans.
  • No personal guarantees required.
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SBA Loans

Get a loan backed by the Small Business Administration

  • Funds for a variety of needs
  • Minimal down payments & collateral required
  • Financial information and good credit scores are required to qualify.
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